Motorised blinds are the ultimate in home automation and are also popular in commercial properties. There's a multitude of ways to control your electric blinds, from a remote control handset, smartphone or tablet, or by using Google Home or Alexa. You can power your electric blinds with rechargeable batteries, by transformer motors or they can be wired into the mains power. We use Somfy motors in all our motorised blinds.

Live the Good Life in Your Smart Home

Creating a smart home means more than just smart shading; it means interconnectivity between all the smart products you use on a daily basis to make life more comfortable and convenient. Somfy makes this connection easy, connecting to the same smart home management systems you already use in your home. Integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant means you can control motorized window coverings as well as smart lighting, smart heating and cooling systems, and even smart audio systems in one place

Comfort of a Smart Home



The first step to making life at home more comfortable and convenient.
By adding a touch of connectivity, light and heat intensity are optimised at all times without having to think about it. ​Turn your roller blinds into electric smart blinds and enjoy the comfort that Somfy offers. 

4 Good reasons to choose motorised blinds:

- Natural Light control

- Voice Command

- Indoor Comfort

- Privacy


Somfy offer a wide range of motorised solutions to filter the sunlight precisely and protect your privacy.

The Somfy curtain motor and track can be easily integrated with all types of curtains (traditional, wave or pleat, with or without blackout). The motor is neatly concealed behind the curtain and rails available in any length (up to 10 m).


They are suitable for left, right and centre opening curtains.