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Guaranteed not to peel, corrode, discolour under the harsh South African sunlight or exposure to water, water and uv resistant making them market leaders and the ideal solution for bathrooms, kitchen and high humidity areas. Innovative design with insulating cell and advanced materialsto ensure added benefits. Eco friendly with non toxic poly resin, Green Guard certified for microbial resistance to the growth of mould and mildew ideal for child safety.Luxaflex PolySatin Shutters are backed by a 20 year Warranty

Luxaflex Classic Shutters transform ordinary windows into inspiring highlights of the home. Combining elegance with durability, they are perfect for windows everywhere. Choose between the classic style of tilt rods to control the angle of your louvres or hidden tilt rods which offer a clean appearance when the shutters are closed. Select one of three louvre sizes to match the design of your room.

Easy to clean and Maintain

Our shutters and simply be removed, hosed down and is easy to clean. Available in different Louvre sizes, frames, models and operating systems including traditional plantation style.. Operating styles includes Bypass Systems, Bifold Systems and Hinged Systems.Our shutters are made in South Africa and the ideal choice for South African families in Estates and for Hospitality areas that needs durable and long lasting quality.