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retractable awning

Automated retractable awnings are versatile shading solutions designed to provide convenience and comfort for outdoor spaces. These awnings are typically made of durable fabric or material and are mounted on a structure, such as a wall, roof, or pergola, to create a shaded area.


The "automated" aspect refers to the motorized mechanism that allows the awning to extend and retract with the push of a button or the activation of a remote control, sensor, or smart home system.

automated awnings


Patio- awnings are an excellent choice for homeowners and apartment dwellers alike, particularly those living in luxury coastal properties.


These shading solutions offer the perfect blend of style and function, providing a comfortable and stylish outdoor living space while protecting you from the sun's harmful UV rays.


Whether you opt for an automated or manual retractable awning, the benefits are clear. With automated options, you can easily control the shade level with the touch of a button, while manual options offer classic elegance and an effortless user experience.


With a wide range of colours and styles available, you can easily find the perfect awning to match your coastal home's aesthetic. Plus, it offers a great return on investment, increasing your property's value while providing you with years of enjoyment.


So why wait? Install a awning today and elevate your outdoor living experience to a whole new level of luxury!

Weather Protection

Heat Reducing

UV Protection

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