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fixed louvre shutters


Fixed Louvre Shutter is available in 3 different louvre designs - each having varying levels of sun-filtering, air flow and privacy, as required.

Fixed Louvre Shutters

By The Window Boutique Ballito

Fixed Louvre Shutters are a type of window covering or exterior element commonly used in architecture. These Outdoor Shutters consist of horizontal slats, known as louvers, that are fixed in place and cannot be adjusted or moved. The Louvre Shutters are designed to allow airflow and light while providing some degree of privacy and protection from the elements.

Fixed Louvre Shutters are made from Coastal Grade Aluminum. They can be installed on the exterior of buildings, typically around windows, doors or to enclose Patio and Outdoor Living Spaces. The fixed nature of these Shutters means that they cannot be opened or closed like Adjustable Shutters, but they still offer aesthetic and functional benefits.

These Shutters are available in various styles and sizes, allowing for customization to match the architectural design and preferences of the building. They may be used for both Residential and Commercial structures, providing a timeless and classic look to the Facade while serving practical purposes such as shading, ventilation, and enhancing appeal.

Not only do they completely transform the design aesthetic of any home, they are also outstanding for Sun-filtering, Air flow control and Privacy. Fixed Louvre Shutters are ideal s Exterior Outdoor Shutters in Ballito and Durban, due to the high quality of the Powder-Coating. OurFixed Louvre Shutters is available in 3 different Louvre Designs - each having varying levels of sun-filtering, air flow and privacy, as required. The Shutters are installed either on a Track Sliding system, a Track Stacking system or they can be Hinged to provide the perfect privacy or sunscreen solution.

Different Design Options

Square Louvre

Louvre spacing Min 20mm Max 30mm

fixed louvre shutters
fixed louvre shutters
fixed shutters

Elliptical Louvre

Louvre spacing 20mm-30mm Overlap: 0-10mm

Spaced 20-30mm

fixed louvre elliptical
fixed louvre elliptical
fixed louvre elliptical

Z Louvre

Overlap: 0-Smm

fixed louvre z
fixed louvre z
fixed louvre z

Fixed Louvre Configuration

Standard Colours


Matt White


Matt Light Grey


Matt Dark Grey


Matt Bronze


Matt Charcoal

Lead Times

  • White Fixed Louvres - 21 Working Days

  • All standard Coulours - 28 Working Days

  • 5 Year Warranty

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