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outdoor shutters


Weather-resistant, Outdoor Shutters can be used for interiors and exteriors, withstanding high humidity and bright sunlight whether gracing Patio or Balcony.

Exterior Patio Shutters

Shield your entertainment area from the elements with our durable Outdoor Shutters, allowing you to host gatherings regardless of the weather's whims. Our Blockhouse Shutters are built to withstand wind, sunlight, and even rain, ensuring your comfort and enjoyment year-round. Designed to be weather-resistant, these shutters are suitable for both Indoor and Outdoor use, whether adorning a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or veranda – the possibilities are endless.


While our Aluminium Shutters offer high humidity and sunlight resistance, it's essential to note that they may not be fully waterproof against horizontal rain due to inherent design features such as tracks and gaps. Nevertheless, they still provide excellent rain resistance, allowing you to enjoy your space without worrying about sudden downpours.

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