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Flyscreen integrated security shutters are a type of window covering that combines the features of flyscreens and security shutters. Flyscreens are used to prevent insects from entering a building through the windows, while Security Shutters are designed to provide protection from unwanted intruders and potential break-ins. Flyscreen integrated security shutters offer both of these features in a single product.

These fly screens are made of aluminium mesh and are designed to be easily removable, allowing for ventilation while still providing protection from insects and unwanted intruders. They're reconfigured for hinged shutters... Flyscreen integrated security shutters may also have additional features, such as UV protection or insulation, to provide additional benefits.

Flyscreen integrated security shutters are a practical and effective way to secure a building while still allowing for ventilation and natural light. They are durable, easy to maintain, and can be customized to meet the specific needs of the user. They can be used in a variety of settings, including residential homes, commercial buildings, and as outdoor shutters.

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Integrated Flyscreen Shutters - All in One Our security shutters are renowned for being strong and beautiful, keeping unwanted visitors out of your home. Our integrated insect mesh screens now add the next dimension in shutter coverings and are a first on the shutter market – keeping out mosquitos, flies and other creepy-crawlies whilst at the same time keeping you secure. This all in one system operates seamlessly to allow you to keep your windows open all day and all night with complete peace of mind. This integrated flyscreen  system can be installed across all hinged window solutions and consists of one frame, combining both mesh panels and shutter panels in one easy installation without compromising your view. With a choice of mesh grades – the standard mesh which is great for insects, flies, lizards and snakes, and the tuff mesh which is better suited if you have cats that may find it too irresistible to scratch. Remove the need for unsightly burglar bars or security gates Full security for window and sliding door openings throughout the home Ideal solution for privacy, light, noise and temperature control Our Security Shutters come with an up-to-10-year guarantee Suitable for both internal and external shutters Hinge, track and sliding solutions available Fully stackable which leave views completely unobstructed Near-effortless cleaning for all louvred shutters Locally manufactured from premium aluminium and boasting Qualicoat approved powder coating

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