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Vertical Blinds
a simple rotation of the blades.

Vertical blinds provide an elegant solution for managing light, privacy, and aesthetics in spaces with large doors, windows, and openings. Their versatility, durability, and customization options make them an attractive choice for both residential and commercial environments. By carefully considering factors such as size, material, and maintenance, you can enhance the functionality and visual appeal of your space with vertical blinds.


  • Residential Spaces - Vertical blinds work well in homes, offering a contemporary alternative to curtains. They are ideal for sliding glass doors, large windows, and even as room dividers in open-concept layouts.

  • Commercial Environments - Offices, conference rooms, and commercial spaces benefit from vertical blinds' functionality. They can aid in presentations by controlling light and provide privacy during meetings.

  • Hospitality Industry - Hotels, resorts, and restaurants can use vertical blinds to create a welcoming ambiance. Blinds can be customized to match branding elements and enhance the overall aesthetic.

  • Educational Facilities - Schools and universities can employ vertical blinds in classrooms and auditoriums to manage light levels, which can aid visual presentations and improve the learning environment.

  • Healthcare Settings - Vertical blinds in healthcare facilities offer patients privacy and control over their environment while also facilitating easy cleaning and maintenance.

vertical blinds
sliding door blinds

Vertical Blinds

Versatile and affordable. Vertical Blinds offer complete light and privacy control with a simple rotation of the blades. practical, Vertical Blinds are ideal for large windows or doors with a long drop or wide width.


Available with a centre open, centre stack or one way opening option which allows blades to be pulled back to the left or right hand side, making them ideal for sliding doors. Ideal for co-ordinating all windows and doors throughout your home or office.

With a beaded chain and cord, you can tilt the blades for complete control and direction of light. You can also choose the option of a Traversing Wand for effortless and smooth operation control. Simply use one hand tilt the blades and draw across.

Vertical blinds are incredibly versatile, ideal for larger windows and doors and can be easily stacked to the left, the right or even split down the centre, depending on your requirements.

  • Locally designed and made

  • High quality fabrics to suit any look

  • Custom made to fit any window or door size 

  • Practical and neat finish

  • Versatile and affordable

  • Smooth and quiet operation

  • Add the illusion of height to a room

  • Add a Pelmet to conceal hardware components 

  • Complete control over blade angle and amount of light/privacy

  • Available in an extensive range of colours

  • Ideal for large windows and sliding doors

Installation Proper installation is almost as important as the product itself—an improperly installed window treatment can be tough to open and can get damaged easily. The Window Boutique has a professional installation crew that comes to your home and installs your window treatment precisely, making sure that each one operates perfectly. ​ Our office will arrange with you to set up an installation day and time that works for your schedule. Before the installers arrive, you will need to have removed all old window treatments and move furniture out of the way. This makes it easy for our installation team to get right to work on your new window treatments. ​ If you have any questions about product operation when we’re in the home, don’t hesitate to ask your installer, or you can always call the store. ​ Warranty Like all window and door blinds and shutters offered by The Window Boutique, our products come with a warranty against any and all manufacturing defects in material, design, workmanship and installation. Cords and mechanisms are covered for 3 to 5 years (please check this with each brand you request a quote for as this differs with each brand. Fabric and any automation is covered for 3-5 years. Shutters 5 - 20 year warranties. (Please check with each brand you get a quote for)

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