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Choose Smart Home Control for Extra Energy Efficiency

Smart Shades, An expressive choice of fabrics to control light and privacy as desired... Window Blinds has never been this beautiful. Natural light is such an important design element and you can easily express this, with the Luxaflex Duette Blind. 

Eco Friendly Blinds

Energy Efficient - Light Control or Black Out Blinds Options

Duette Blinds

architects of the original honeycomb shades

Did You Know

50% of heat lost from the home is through the windows

By installing Duette® Architella Shades you can reduce this by almost half and help reduce heating, cooling, and lighting needs in three significant ways:

Insulating against heat loss, protecting against excess solar gain, and enhancing available daylight which postpones the need to use electric lighting in the evening.

How the numbers stack up
Up to 46% reduction in heat loss (on double-glazed windows)
Up to 51% reduction in heating energy
Up to 78% less heat intake in the summer
Up to 99% of UV rays blocked

Choose with confidence as Duette® Shade fabrics come with information that explains how each fabric can save heating energy, keep out heat from the sun and provide extra sound absorption.