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How much do Security Shutters cost in South Africa?

Shutters for security can be made-to-measure for any window or door – combining security and aesthetic appeal. Shutters also let you control light without compromising privacy, making them ideal if you leave your home for long periods.

The cost of shutters in South Africa can vary widely depending on several factors such as the type of material, size, and customization options like design and configuration layout. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from a few thousand Rand to several thousand Rand per square meter for high-quality shutters Aluminium Shutters tend to be more expensive than synthetic counterparts like PVC Shutters or Thermowood or Fauxwood Shutters. Additionally, custom designs or specialized finishes may incur extra costs. To get an accurate estimate, it's advisable to contact local shutter suppliers near you or manufacturers, as prices can fluctuate based on shutter installers, brands, quality, and location within South Africa.

Security Shutters
Security Shutters

There are many different factors to each type of Shutters and we will break that down in one of our next posts. Firstly we will start with all the different types of Aluminium Shutters available in South Africa and the Best Shutters Manufacturers,


Security shutters are a type of window or door covering designed primarily for security purposes. These shutters are typically made from robust aluminum and are engineered to provide protection against various threats, including burglary, vandalism, and even extreme weather conditions. Security shutters are installed interior or on the exterior of patios, windows and doors and can be operated manually or electronically.

- Security Aluminium Bifold, Hinged or Bypass Shutter Doors

- Security Roller Shutters

Security shutters are commonly used in residential and commercial properties, particularly in areas where security is a concern. They are a popular choice for businesses, homes, and even vacation properties, providing peace of mind by enhancing security while maintaining the ability to control light and privacy.

The Top 5 Leading Security Shutter Manufacturers:

Blockhouse Shutters

Plantations Shutters

American Shutters


AC Screens and Shutters

Aluminium Shutters
Aluminium Shutters


Non-security aluminum shutters are window and door coverings made from aluminum but are not primarily designed for security purposes. These shutters are typically used for various other reasons, such as aesthetics, light control, privacy, and protection against the elements. Non-security Aluminium Shutters are an excellent choice for those looking to improve the functionality and appearance of their home or business without the primary focus on security. They offer a blend of style, functionality, and durability for a variety of purposes. Read more HERE

The Top 5 Leading Aluminium Shutters Manufacturers

Blockhouse Shutters

Plantation Shutters

American Shutters




Aluminium Roller Shutters, also known as Aluminium Rolling Shutters, are a type of window or door covering made from aluminium slats or panels that are rolled up and down to open or close. These shutters are designed for various purposes, including security, energy efficiency, and convenience. Aluminum Roller Shutters are versatile and can be installed on a wide range of openings, including windows, doors, storefronts, room dividers, Interior Homes separating Living areas from Sleeping areas for this application it is also called "Safe Haven Shutters" and Outdoor Shutters for spaces like patios. They are a popular choice for both residential and commercial properties. Apart from Security Benefits Roller Shutters offer in particular the following benefits:

  1. Motorized Options: Many aluminum roller shutters are available with motorized or automated systems, allowing for convenient operation with the push of a button or through remote control.

  2. Storm Protection: In coastal regions, aluminium roller shutters are used to protect patios, windows and doors from storm damage, including rain, high winds and flying debris.

Roller Shutters
Safe Haven Roller Shutters

Integrated Flyscreen Shutters

Integrated fly screen aluminium shutters are a specialized type of window or door covering that combines the features of traditional aluminium shutters with built-in insect screens or flyscreens. These window shutters solutions are designed to offer a dual function, providing protection from insects like flies, mosquitoes, and other pests while also offering the benefits of aluminium shutters both security shutters and decorative shutters.

Integrated Fly-screen Shutters are commonly used in regions where insects are a persistent problem, providing a practical solution to keep homes, businesses, and outdoor spaces bug-free while offering the additional benefits of security, light control, and privacy. They are suitable for both residential and commercial applications and are available in various designs and finishes to match different architectural styles.

Fly-screen Shutters
Fly-screen Shutters

Benefits of Fly-Screen Integrated Shutters:

* Keeps out snakes, pets, mosquitoes, and insects

* Keeps out Monkeys

* Monkey Screens

* Fresh Air

* Light and Ventilation control

Top Integrated Flyscreen Shutters Manufacturers

Blockhouse Shutters

Plantation Shutters

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