Aluminium Roller Shutters

Our Rollerstyle Aluminium roller shutter doors provide effortless protection for homes and businesses. Fitted to passages or on stairways, they create safe spaces for personal safety. Roller Shutters can be custom-made for windows too.

These roller shutters can be fitted internally or externally. They roll up neatly into a box when not required. These lock-down doors can be fully automated, remote controlled and incorporated into a Somfy ‘smart home’ system.

No other product on the market can provide all the qualities of an Aluminium Roller Shutter in one, and it is especially suitable for lock-up-and-go holiday homes.

Roller Shutters is widely used in Europe, and have become increasingly popular in South Africa, not only for the excellent security they provide but also for their other outstanding features.


Well known for carefree maintenance and excellent durability, Aluminium Roller Shutters provide a number of excellent features for every season:

  • Security and privacy at the push of a button

  • Increased protection against break-in

  • Sun protection from heat and UV radiation PLUS thermal insulation in winter

  • Protection of your interior furniture, rugs and artwork

  • Protection from rain, wind and dust

  • Sound insulation from traffic, neighbours and animals

  • Light regulation for your home-theatre and AV equipment

  • Perfect Lock-up-and-go solution

Somfy Motorised shutters means no more manual operation!

Life is so much simpler when you can just press a button to operate your shutters. And with an Somfy RTS motor, you can have the full comfort of remote control or Smart phone through your Tahoma device.There’s no need to manually adjust your shutters. You can control them all from a single remote, giving you added comfort and convenience at home.

Roller shutters slide up and down inside narrow side guide channels that can be neatly recessed into the wall. And they don’t need a bottom track, so there is no tripping hazards.

Custom-made for a perfect fit, roller shutters roll up into a neat, compact shutter box when not in use. The box can be hidden in a ceiling cavity with pre-planning. Shutters can easily be retro-fitted too.


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Build a safe haven for your loved ones with our Motorised Aluminium Roller Shutters that are easy to use and great for light control. Not only for home use but perfect Business security also.

These offer high security with the effort of a button, internally and externally available for home and workplace. Able to create a safe lockdown area anywhere in your house or business. A high-quality powder coating.


Aluminium roller shutters using single skin slats that can be punched with either large rectangular windows or small round perforations. This allows some outward visibility and inward light while still benefitting from the excellent security offered by a roller shutter. If required to keep out rain and wind then clear polycarbonate strips can be inserted to close of f the holes.

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